Sparkling Clean’s method of cleaning is “hot water extraction”. With this method, steam and hot water are injected under very high pressure into the carpet fiber, flushing out dirt and embedded soil. Hot water extraction is recognized within the carpet cleaning industry as both the most effective and the most efficient procedure for cleaning carpets.

The next step of the cleaning process is to move all of the furniture at the request of the customer. A pre-conditioner is sprayed on heavily soiled areas and additional spot removers are used where necessary. From the truck, a vacuum hose and high-pressure hose are attached to the cleaning wand. Within the van, a recovery tank is used to collect the dirty water. As the trigger on the wand is engaged, water is forced through a heat exchanger to the point of vaporization. This “steam” is then mixed with a measured quantity of cleaning solution and injected into the pile of the carpet. Immediately, the force of the vacuum extracts the dirt from the carpet and collects it in the recovery tank.

After the carpet is cleaned, the furniture is returned to it’s original location and plastic tabs or blocks are placed underneath the furniture. The carpet is then raked to help with the drying process. The carpet is left damp to the touch and usually dries within 2-8 hours depending on humidity and air circulation.

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